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This program is designed to offer you real-world training across core procurement competencies.

Conducting your Training Needs Analysis is the first step. This will provide you with a tailored report detailing your procurement learning plan and your opportunity to cross high-impact e-Learning information and industry-leading workshops.

With this program, we're delivering the skills boost you've been waiting for!

Registration to the program is complimentary; and the cost per assessment is $95 … there are several insightful assessments available for you to take.

  • Step 1

    REGISTER below to access your online Training Needs Analysis.


    This self-assessment, is a simple tool for you to evaluate yourself in a systemised and constructive manner. Allow for around 30-40 minutes to complete your assessment/s.

    On completion you will receive a report of your results with personal recommendations for you.

  • Step 2

    REVIEW your personalised report and consider the recommendations.


    It details your e-Learning plan and high-priority workshops.The report is based on the 70:20:10 model of learning.

    Discuss your training plan with your line manager.

  • Step 3

    ACCESS your e-Learning program by clicking on the button below.


    Using your login credentials, access your e-Learning plan, videos, materials, articles and templates.

    Applying what you have learnt will improve your skills.


    Access e-Learning

  • Step 4

    BOOK your training workshop.


    Discuss with your line manager your training recommendations and agree which options will best meet you and your agencies needs and objectives.

    Either your manager/agency will book the entire team on a particular course OR you can book yourself onto your recommended workshop.
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The selections you make are really important as they effect the training you get recommended.


The most important of these is selecting the correct role descriptor. Select the one that is the closest to your current role, considering the key activities you normally do.


Click here first for further guidelines before selecting your role descriptor >
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