No matter where you sit in your procurement organisation – from procurement officer to procurement director – we’re offering you an opportunity to enhance your personal skills, enhance your team’s capabilities, and achieve better performance for your department or agency … for free.

Comprara's exclusive 72-point Skills Self-Assessment is designed to suit the procurement job function, and is the leading Procurement, Contract Management, Supply Chain and Commercial Leadership assessment tool internationally.

It has been adopted by both public and private sector organisations with over 15,000 assessments completed across Australia, United Kingdom, South America, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia.

What will the Skills
Self-Assessment do for you?

Identify the procurement skills you need to enhance your performance, overcome the skill gaps causing you stress, and set yourself up for that next promotion.

What will the Skills
Self-Assessment do for the team?

By having each member of your team complete this, you’ll be able to assess strengths and weaknesses to help you better structure your team responsibilities and identify priorities for upgrading skills and capabilities at a team and individual level.

What will the Skills
Self-Assessment do for your department or agency?

The skills self-assessment is an essential tool in getting the most from your budget. By identifying priority training needs you’ll be able to get the best outcome from your training budget. Then your appropriately trained procurement team will be primed to achieve a high-performance outcome from your department’s budget

Queensland Government approved

Recommendations will be made to relevant e-Learning and workshops already approved under a Standing Offer Arrangement between the Queensland Government and Comprara.

The Skills Self-Assessment is easy to complete

You can take it without leaving your desk.You will be guided through eight dimensions of Procurement as you assess yourself on a range of question items. It explores the Procurement Attributes, Business Attributes and Personal Attributes that drive excellence in procurement. As such, skills are uniquely aligned to each distinct phase and capabilities of procurement.

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Market engagement
  • Market engagement
  • Contract implementation
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Strategy refresh
It’s online and ready for you to do right now! Set aside about an hour to complete it.

Until EOFY 2019 it’s FREE!

Normally priced at $295 per assessment (although we’ve already discounted it to $99 for Queensland Government under the Standing Offer), this assessment is FREE to employees of Queensland Government who register by 30th June 2019.

What do you receive?

Your individual assessment report will be emailed to you with an assessment of your capability across a range of technical competencies in each phase of the procurement process, focusing on both your strengths and your evolving skill-sets.

You’ll receive recommendations for optimising your individual and team performance including specific e-Learning and workshops providing real-world training across core procurement competencies.

Recommendations for training specifically designed for procurement professionals. The training recommendation are for procurement courses – not generic training courses. Your personalised
e-Learning plan and high-priority training workshops will be based around the 70:20:10 learning model which suggests that 70% of development consists of on the job learning, supported by 20% coaching and mentoring and 10% classroom training, with each component reinforcing the others.

What do reviews by procurement professionals say?

“Comprara has been incredibly useful and reliable in helping transform the Procurement team at Melbourne Health. Four years ago, we were a reactive and transactional team... Today, we have a team that is capable of delivering a strategic sourcing program of projects. We will continue to work with Comprara as we evolve and mature into a category management function”

Jim Kirkup, Director Procurement & Supply Chain, Melbourne Health