Standing Offer Arrangement

Making it easier for you to access assessments, training and e-Learning at preferred pricing.

The Queensland Government has entered into a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) with Comprara to provide training and skills gap analysis services. SPECIAL PRICING FOR SERVICE BUNDLES ARE AVAILABLE! Benefits
  • The SOA makes it easier for eligible customers to purchase assessments and training covering procurement, leadership and contract management
  • Contract terms are already agreed with Comprara, so there is no need for you to negotiate a new contract – saving you time and money
  • You have access to competitive pricing and terms that have been negotiated with Comprara on behalf of the Queensland Government.
Eligible customers include:

1. Queensland Government Bodies (as defined in Definitions and rules of interpretation):

  • body corporate or an unincorporated body established or constituted for a public purpose by the State of Queensland legislation, or an instrument made under that legislation (including a local authority);
  • a body established by the State of Queensland through the Governor or a Minister; or
  • an incorporated or unincorporated body over which the State of Queensland exercises control

2. Entities funded by the State of Queensland

3. Community based non-profit making organisations performing community services

4. Commonwealth Government, State Government or a Territory Government.

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